Today 2019/05/24
Money, it is said, makes the world go round. This has never been truer in context of the global banking industry and financial markets, which are becoming more inter-linked and integrated, creating the need for a new generation of solutions that operate in real time with impeccable reliability.

Saratoga Electronic Solutions Inc. is a Montreal, Quebec, based company whose goal is to provide global banking solutions to our customers, distributors and wholesalers through the development of long-term partnerships.

Our consultants customize products based on a shared understanding of your requirements, even anticipating your needs. Our end-to-end strategy means that Saratoga Electronic Solutions stays with you through the process till the implementation stage. We ensure that all our clients (both domestic and global) get results with unbeatable value and time-to-market.

Saratoga Electronic Solutions has developed a unique private label cash/debit card that will eliminate the need for consumers to carry money for most purposes, and provide a convenient and secure alternative to cheques, paper gift certificates and retail loyalty and discount coupons.

The Saratoga Debit Card is the most powerful way to transfer money. Debit cards give you the power to purchase at retail, transfer money to loved ones without the high cost of wire transfers, give cards to children and monitor spending, or give gifts without having to deliver unsecured cash.

With extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the financial services industry, Saratoga Electronic Solutions has developed innovative, cost-effective solutions to ensure that its clients can meet head-on, the present and future challenges of the industry.

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